Dandruff Snow Is STILL Awful

I put this video up with a stern warning:  this song by Phoenix, Lisztomania, off their new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, is incredibly catchy and will be stuck in your head for days.  Also, you’ll never be able to separate the song from Molly Ringwald’s dancing.  For some, like me, that isn’t a problem at all.  But y’know, different strokes and all that….

if anyone actually finds this article and image, I need it for fantasy football because ESPN’s system is stupid.  So there ya go.


One thought on “Dandruff Snow Is STILL Awful

  1. tight track..but still cant get over how ridiculous the 80’s style dancing was.. I actually watched breakfast club a few days ago and literally laughed my ass off at this scene (classic movie though.. love it)

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