She Scratches A Letter

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite covers of all timeQuite possibly because it mixes one of my favorite hip-hop acts and one of my favorite rock groups,  but whatever.  The way that P.O.S. is able to so easily translate the backing into his drum machine, keyboard, and loop is pretty friggin cool regardless, and his choice to sing through the entire thing and not try to “rap it out” helps a great deal.  This is exactly what a cover should be – staying true to the original while still making it your own.

I wonder what the best covers of all time are?  Some of mine are Johnny Cash’s “Hurt,” Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watchtower,” and Derek & the Dominoes’ version of “Little Wing.”  Anyone else have some good ones?  Toss’em in the comments.

P.O.S.  AMG | Amazon | iTunes
Pearl Jam  AMG | Amazon | iTunes
Johnny Cash  AMG | Amazon | iTunes
Nine Inch Nails  AMG | Amazon | iTunes
Jimi Hendrix  AMG | Amazon | iTunes
Bob Dylan  AMG | Amazon | iTunes
Derek & the Dominoes  AMG | Amazon | iTunes


One thought on “She Scratches A Letter

  1. Fantastic find mpants.. probably one of my favorite pj songs, but P.O.S. represented nicely..

    how bout a lil metallica doin bob seger’s turn the page.. or possibly even pj reinventing last kiss??

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