All Your AOL In One Song

A friend of mine recently surmised about songs featuring twitter, facebook, etc. as being trite and tacky. There’s nothing worse than a gimmicky song that just so happens to link up with an event (see: nearly all songs from Oct. 2001-April 2003). But for every rule, there’s one exception. And in this case, that exception’s name is Brittney Cleary, and that song is I.M Me.

Here is the song on YouTube.  Please disregard the comical image presented as the song goes on, lest you think this is a joke.  This is a dead-serious attempt at commercial crossover success.

It’s a fairly carefree story; a girl, her friends, and the interwebs.  It’s a love letter to those halcyon days on the internet.  Kids could freely go into chat rooms and meet new friends.  If they were really good friends, they could even swap some photos around (which were terrible scanned-in photos from your one friend who actually owned one – thanks Scott) with the only fear being that they were fat and/or ugly.

It was a simpler time, before Dateline:  To Catch A Predator, or probably pedophiles in any way, shape, or form.  But now that’s all gone.  And all we have left from those days is this touching song, including a bridge with has early teen girls talking about how “hot” boys can’t IM well.

As we steamroll towards the bottom of Web 2.0, I can’t help but ponder, “what changed?”  Was instant messaging taken down a peg by text messaging?  Was the interface too slow and old fashioned for consumers who were becoming increasingly web savvy?  Or was it because children were wondering this new terrain like naive gazelles while a dizzying number of child-hunting predators lurked around in the e-brush?

Probably the whole pedophile thing.  Either way, we’ll always have a snapshot of the internet right as we all took to AOL like it cured cancer.  And for that, I’ll always have a fondness for Brittney Cleary and this stupid, awful song.  Thank u.  We r 4eva n ur det.

Brittney Cleary AMG | Amazon | iTunes (N/A, sadly)
Nikki Cleary AMG | Amazon | iTunes


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