New Blog Themes!

So I have this idea.

It has been many months of inactivity in this space and I think I’ve come up with something good enough to follow through with.  God knows it has to be better than the last nine months of complete inactivity, right?  …Right?

For a long time now, the phrase “everything is disposable” has rung out, and, for a long time, I’ve been trying to fight it, holding on to precious memories and important cultural events that shook my world.  Then I got older, time suddenly moves faster, and things started to slip by.  The internet has only propelled this jog towards meaninglessness into a stomach-knoting sprint on a Japanese bullet train.  With so many internet memes, YouTube videos, resources like Facebook and Twitter, and a general “On Demand” attitude in this generation, everything just goes.  And if you don’t keep up, you’re left out.

As I look around the internet, it’s all about what’s new, what’s next.  We revel in the present (“This new Arcade Fire album is awesome!”) and then immediately move on to the next topic (“This new Matthew Dear album is SO MUCH BETTER than that shitty Arcade Fire sell-out record for dipshits!!”).  It’s a bit troubling, to say the least.  So, I’m going to try and do my part to reverse the trend.

This won’t be a blog about what’s better or what’s best, nor will it be a blog about what sucks, is terrible, or is a travesty to humanity.  We get enough of that.  Instead, I want to start a dialogue with you–the nameless, faceless horde–to talk about what we love.  I want to share with you the stuff that sticks with me, be it a song, an album, a scene from a movie, a theme from a book, a chapter, some funny internet video, an article, an angle, anything, really, that continually makes me feel something.  It’s a tough thing to do and those bits of…well, whatever it is, deserve some recognition and applause for pulling it off.

I plan on giving you videos, pictures (OODLES and OODLES of pretty things!!), and write-ups anywhere from a few words to three pages.  It depends on moved I am by the subject.  The goal is to write one thing a day that I’ll Never Get Tired Of, with one long-form piece every week or two.  We’ll see how it goes (this is a blog, after all, so all you’re guaranteed is a “Welcome!” post), but I’m pretty excited about this project.  It’s an open-ended affair, and I hope I can live up to its potential (spoiler:  I’ll never think so no matter what this thing turns into).

So come along with me on a lovefest of all things relevant, and please share your thoughts/comments/recommendations in the posts.  They do serve a function other than selling penis growth pills from Taiwan.  I think.


3 thoughts on “New Blog Themes!

  1. Dude, yesterday I watched Karate Kid (the old one) and played Ninja Turtles for NES while listening to early 90’s hip hop. Does that give you any ideas? The only thing new were my purple robot socks

  2. Hawkdog – I’ve never actually seen Mulholland Drive, but I’ve had it in my Netflix queue for god knows’ how long, so now I’ll be motivated to watch it. Finally.

    Zack – The TMNT for NES actually does, so thanks for that

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