Sir Ian McKellen’s Acting Lesson

This space was originally going to be devoted to the “9/11 Mosque” and Keith Olbermann’s editorial monologue aping Edward R. Murrow.  After a draft or two concerning how hateful a section of this country is becoming toward our new Muslim Overloads and how that truly terrifies me, I realized it had no place on a blog entitled “I’ll Never Get Tired Of…” when the whole thing fatigues me already.  It also made me obscenely depressed the deeper into the issue I got.

So in an effort to make myself not want to bang my head against the wall while weeping, I thought of Sir Ian McKellen, one of our finest actors, sharing with us the gift of his process on Ricky Gervais’s brilliant series Extras.  It truly is an honor to learn about the craft from someone as eloquent and experienced as Magneto is.  If you’re an aspiring actor or actress, heed his words; they are illuminating.

Have a great Friday, kids.  See you on Monday, where will discuss the shittiness of being in your 20s, straight from The New York Times.


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