Scott Stevens Ruining Eric Lindros’s Career

If I am lucky, one day, I will have a family, and I will live with that family in a house.  In that bottom of that house will be a basement that will affectionately be referred to as a “den,” which will be under my control.  And in that den, I will have a photo of the very second that Scott Stevens separates Eric Lindros from his playing career.

I’ll think of being down in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals in game 7, on the road, down a goal, with a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals dwindling away while the Philly fans got louder and louder.  Then, our captain steps up and takes out their franchise’s player for not only the game or the series, but effectively out of the sport.  Every day that I pass that photo I will stop, pause, and smile.

Devils play an exhibition with the Flyers September 28th.  The season is coming, and I could not be more excited (even with all of this Kovalchuk nonsense).


7 thoughts on “Scott Stevens Ruining Eric Lindros’s Career

  1. You are a douche bag.

    Anyone who takes pleasure in seeing a player’s career ruined should take a look in the mirror. Hopefully you never have a family – you are unfit to pass on your genes.

  2. This other guy is a pussy. Fuck Lindros and fuck the flyers. That Devils team was one of the greatest of all time. I commend you for this article, and I hope you bring your children up with the same disdain for the pussy’s in Philly.

  3. The devils and flyers both suck along with the rest of the sorry ass east coast teams such as flyers,Yankees,Knicks,eagles,paitriots,sabers,jets,red sox,and that’s just a few.most of these teams can’t win or they have to cheat to win.

  4. If I ever see you, I will deliver an even worse hit to your face. Then, I’ll take a picture, hang it in my basement, and smile.

  5. I will say, this is the worst piece I’ve ever written, and it gets the most comments. Funny how that works out. Also, nice to re-read this after the concussion work has come out. Not my proudest moment, this.

  6. Fuck bébé Lindros he deserved everything that he got. this should be a lesson to all greedy hockey players don’t be an asshole.

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