Don Draper’s Pimp Hand

[Ed. Note – you’ll have to click through to see the video – a thousand apologies for not finding an embed video]

I adore AMC’s Mad Men and have such reverence for Don Draper, the mystery man, Master Of The Universe at the center of it.  He boozes around, tosses brilliant ideas around, and most certainly he slept around with some of New York’s (and most of the continental US’s) best looking women.  Lately, however, the swagger that makes Don “Don” has faded into a boozy remembrance of yore.  Now he just staggers around and wakes up next to 7.5s and we know he’s hit rock bottom.

I understand that the character has to go through this, but…what is a Don Draper without power?  Something hard to watch, frankly.  So in hoping that Don gets his swag back, I bring to you Don’s most famous conflict resolution:  treating Bobbie Barrett like she’s a bowling bowl so her husband can give an apology to that nice, rich, hefty couple.  Needless to say, it works, because he’s Don Fucking Draper.


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