Gifts From Grandma

I came home this evening to find this waiting for me on a chair in my kitchen. Apparently it came directly from my Grandma’s house as a gift to me. As you can see, it’s Aaliyah–angelic version–amidst many rap luminaries who have since passed on (Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez stands out to me). This is from the same Grandma who sent me a calendar my freshman year of college adorned with photos of the trashiest Jersey girls from 1995 created by a local establishment. “I did it for a boner,” she said.

Why does this not surprise me.

Ed note: My Grandma used the term “boner” to mean “a joke/a laugh” and not “an erection.” In fact, she had never heard of such terminology for the word “boner.” For the record, my Grandma does not talk to me about erections.

In the comments, let’s put together who’s in this wonderful piece of art, yeah? Cause I have no idea who the woman on the right is….


2 thoughts on “Gifts From Grandma

  1. Selena… doof

    i want to know why this was sent to you and not to me. I’m guessing this is not from Helen, otherwise she’d know better.

    ps – i appreciate the left-eye s/o

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