The Ocarina Of Rhyme

Look at what the Grey Album hath wrought.  This is the cleverly named “Ocarina of Rhyme” which does what you dorks probably think it does, mash-up hip-hop with songs from Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of time, mixed by Team Teamwork.  I honestly can’t tell you why I like this any more than:

– I like the original hip hop songs and verses
– I like the soundtrack, and it brings back a lot of 6th grade-era memories and warm fuzzy feelings
– The juxtaposition/novelty factor is straight through the roof bonkers

So as we move in to this period of fall, hoodie weather, and hockey season (!!!!!!!), let’s pause and remember the simple things.  Like walking through the Lost Woods and straight sling some yay like they do it in Virginia.  The rustic leave colors really add to the ambiance there.  I’ll be honest with you, most of the songs are just “aight” but…I mean come on!  The Clipse and Zelda!  The fuck?!

So bang this out as your weekend mix, try and find some Triforce pieces in Queensbridge, and come back next week where we’ll discuss how people find new music with this ninnernet thing.  Wait a tick…I think this is even an example!

/super surprised


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