The Nuptials Of Blue and Machine

I’m a sucker for weddings.  I always have been, really.  Except now they’re actually, well…fun.  It’s one of our best rituals, because it’s really two events tied into one.  First, there is a union between two people who are–god willing–head over heels for each other and decide to stay together for as long as they can stomach it (or until death parts them; whichever comes first).  That part is more about making others cry and wait around for an hour to have two people put on rings and say “I do.”  In reality, the whole shebang is a chance for you and your friends to just get stupid and have a good time around people you’ll never see again.

Which is why I enjoyed this particular wedding above so much.  Mike and Christine (their God-fearing Christian names) aren’t a couple married to tradition, so they decided to have Mike’s brother Steve perform the actual act of marriage.  So he donned a blinged-out suit, got his Holy iPad, referred to himself as “Rev. Howard Juice” and went about with the nuptials seen above.  (In full disclosue, I had a small part in the making of the vows).  Do enjoy, and leave some comments about this wedding or another kickass/different ceremony in the comments below.  I’m looking for creativity here, people.  Otherwise, have a great weekend and see you on Mondeeeee.


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