Sweet, Wonderful Irony

Oh irony.  How you come at me upon me in such wonderfully unexpected places!  But of course we need to share our thoughts on The Social Network on The Social Network.  As you might have already assumed (especially if you read my Facebook Movie Manifesto Of Dorking Out) I am incredibly geeked out about this film.  I would absolutely go see this at Midnight on Thursday.  Counting down the days like it’s Christmas, and I’m going to get a rich, funny, quick movie about the douchebags who made us all even bigger douchebags, all thanks to Fincher and Sorkin.  Slobbering reviews like this one from Peter Travers remind me of when I knew my parents bought me a Dreamcast, so I got to stare at and eventually play with the box from September 9th forward.  Mmmm.  Gives me a warm sensation in my tummy.

Oh, that’s right.  It’s love.


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