Enemies as Friends

There are a few absolutes in this world, and especially in my life.  Here are two of them:  I have a grossly irrational love for Liverpool Football Club, as sort of highlighted here.  Save for genocide, terrorism, and baby rape, I hate nothing more in the world than the Boston Red Sox, as sort-of inferred here.  Well picture my surprise when Liverpool finally is able to dump Hicks and Gillett, the two American owners who have driven the club into the toilet, as the New England Sports Ventures group rides on in to save the day!  The very same group that owns the Red Sox.  So now every dollar I give to supporting my beloved LFC is a dollar that could go directly into the BoSox’s coffers.  If this is what globalization is, then it fucking blows.

The sad part about all of this?  It’s probably the right move.  My friend nate (who has actually been talked about quite a lot here) runs a Liverpool blog (http://ohyoubeauty.blogspot.com) and I offered to write some words about the new ownership marriage from my perspective as an objective fan living in Boston during the Red Sox reign atop baseball.  So today’s post here is synergistically linked with my post over there.  Oh, internet.  So please, read all about my thoughts on what the new Sox ownership in Liverpool means for the club.

Back tomorrow with a post about TV.  I think.


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