Remember years ago when you’d watch TV, and something funny would happen, and then it would be gone forever?  Just moved right along into the ether with the rest of great, embarrassing, unique television moments.  Well now with the advent of DVR and the crystal-clear 1080p feeds on shows and live sporting events, we can have some of those times back.  And no one seems to do this better than 30fps.

They take moving video and take some of the best images, presenting them as works of art in their own freeze frame world.  That could mean a great face, a stupid hat in the crowd, a close call, abject Florida college football horror, a glamor shot, or the occasional hilarious animated .gif.  They’re great for desktop backgrounds and conversation starters at nursing homes, funerals, and bah mitzvahs.  So check out 30fps for all your freeze-frame arty goodness.


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