The Muppets Going “Bohemian”

I’m fairly certain I’m completely out of the loop.  Apparently this great video from the Henson Company came out last year and I never saw or heard of it (despite the 16 million other views it received).  Saw it for the first time this week and thought hey, maybe the rest of you missed this banner event as well.  So watch many Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody, in a way only they could.  For the record, Animal’s part is by far my favorite.

Ok all, thanks for a great week.  Hope this video will wash away the multiple posts on That Guy and That Piece Of His Anatomy.  Come back this weekend for a mixtape that I’ve spent HOURS slaving over JUST FA’ YOU!  Now I’ll get back to anxiously awaiting for my Criterion Collection The Darjeeling Limited Blu-Ray to come in the mail.  Expect a gigundo piece on that brilliant film sometime next week, methinks.  Other than that, be well folks, and see you Monday with a fresh post.


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