The Adam!

The Adam! is a wonderfully meta/post-modern take on comic strips and our perception of them.  But don’t get too bogged down by big, douchey words like that.  It’s incredibly funny.  I mean, look above:  we see our hero, The Adam!, finally suiting up and attacking crime with the fury of a thousand suns after he crash landed from a planet where superheros are as common as plumbers (and feature the greatest criminals of all time).  As we see him now, about halfway through the strip as it’s being told, he has just foiled a criminal, but because of his super strength, he totally punched off that dude’s arm.  But it’s cool, cause he was a BABY RAPIST after all.

It’s this melding of sick and serious, of expected versus non, that keeps The Adam! consistently funny.  Even some of the non-superhero-y episodes of 6 panels are just great because of how rich the characters are and how much we buy into the situation and all the inherent comic/adventure tropes that we all know already.  Lub can just write so well within the confines of these little white boxes, using the media completely to his advantage in every possible way while infusing it with humor.  His latest strip, the 48th in the series, is such a wonderful blend of basic comic story telling with a cracked-view perspective that it forced me to take the time out and write about it.

We all know that the super hero has a normal day job and a secret identity.  Hell, that’s almost as important as a superhero with super powers.  So when we stumble upon a situation where he’s at work, not doing a good job, and the audience is commanded to go “ooohhhh, this is where he is inadequate in the normal world, but he can literally rip off that person’s face during this whole encounter.”  Lub knows this and plays on that convention.  Having an old woman scream “Back in my day!  Et Cetera!” gets the point across and winks just enough to make you laugh at the line itself and the writer’s ability to know you know the story.  A lot of writers will just be meta for the sake of seeming smart (and they’ll usually be full of the natural byproduct of that, “smarm”). It takes a lot of talent to play with conventions convincingly while still creating a great, original product.  The Adam! does this in nearly every strip.

In full disclosure, I’ve been a friend of Lub’s for a while, and now I can add that I’m an admirer as well.  It’s such a great personal kick when a friend of yours not only goes out and does something that you like, but really just kicks the shit out of it on a bi-weekly basis.  I’ve enjoyed this strip from the onset and it just makes me proud to have it written by someone I so genuinely like and respect.  So do give The Adam! a read from the start – it’s one of my favorite things to check out on the internets.  Fo serious.

I couldn’t shoe-horn this info in, so I’ll just put it in italics so it looks important.  The Adam! is an internet comic strip that is updated on Mondays and Wednesdays at  Matt also puts up independent standalone comics each Friday at the same site.  I already wrote the ps before I started writing in italics, and don’t know how to transition it better, so now I’ll say I’m totally, completely, 100% done.  UNTIL….

ps I’m really not being tongue-in-cheek about T. Saurus – it’s probably my top 5 favorite comic villain of all time.  “The astonishingly, almost impossibly verbose” is absolutely my favorite description of a villain ever, that’s for sure.


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