A&P’s Thoughtfulness

I entered the A&P on the prowl for super market essentials like food, drink, and other, as I am wont to do, and found this cart to assist me in said adventure.  After a quick inspection, I proclaim, “Hark!  What is that plastic piece wedged in on the waaaay the other end of this shopping cart?”  With a closer look I can verify:


We have what one can unmistakeably call a cup holder and what looks to be an iPhone holder as well.  Swank.  Convenient.  Plastic.  This coincides with the new Starbucks they have thrown into this A&P Supermarket location, allowing you to relax and shop while downing a soothing drink with enough caffeine to kill an undergrown wombat.

The real thought, however, goes into the detail of where this cup holder is placed.  They have placed this add-on about as far away from the child seat–and the person wielding the cart– as far away as possible.  Clearly they are trying to avoid a million dollar “your cart gave my 4-year-old scalding first degree burns in a wave of mocha and deliciousness” law suit.  But in the same vein, doesn’t it also throw away what’s most important:  convenience?  It’s almost not even on the cart at this point.  Oh well.  Beggars can’t be choosers, can they?

Then again, I don’t think anyone would beg for a Starbucks-and-iPhone caddy on their cart, either.  I don’t know too many rich, entitled assholes.


3 thoughts on “A&P’s Thoughtfulness

  1. That’s some serious brand discrimination…no way my Blackberry’s fitting in there. Then again, the happily babyless among us get to stash our dangerous hot drinks and radioactive smartphones right up front!

  2. Maybe, its for a shopping companion. Like, if you bring a friend shopping with you, they usually walk in front of the cart. And therefore, since they are basically the leader of the shopping trip, they get a cup holder (question mark).

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