Mixtape Weekend, curated by Erik

This weekend’s mix comes from my pal Erik, an all around music guy.  He is an active musician, actively creating songs for FAWM each year, as well as tons of stuff I have no idea how to access.  A graduate from NYU he is a certified studio engineer, traveling across America to record various artists.  With help from his brother, he was listening to Doolittle and Primus before I ever bought my first two cds (The Lion King soundtrack and Salt N’ Pepa – Very Necessary) so he kinda knows his shit.

His mix, entitled “The Act You’ve Known for All These Years,” is a little bit of a musical education as well as a sneak peek into the dark, twisted art of music sampling.  This hour-long .mp3 is a collection of the original songs that were sampled to make contemporary hits.  You can download it by clicking this link.  A complete track list and synopsis of who took what is after the jump.

And remember – this only achieves total heaviosity if y’all get involved, too.  It’s a one hour long .mp3 with a common theme (“Songs that remind me of Thursday” “Down” “Wet” “The Best Before Weezer Sucked Ass”).  You can use Garage Band, the free Audacity, anything you like.  Make the file, upload it to mediafire, and email it to me (kingmanton at gmail) with a track listing and maybe yooouuu could have a featured mix some weekend. Come share your awesome musical taste with a relatively decent-sized audience!

Leon Haywood’s “I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You”
Sampled in Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang.”

The Winston’s “Amen Brother”
One of the most sampled breaks of all time, especially in drum ‘n’ bass music.
Sampled in N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton”; Squarepusher’s “Come On My Selector”; and the Futurama Theme.

James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”
Another one of the most sampled breaks of all time.
Sampled in N.W.A.’s “F*** tha Police”; Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”; LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”; and the Powerpuff Girls Theme (!).

Chic’s “Good Times”
Sampled in the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”; DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s “The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff”; and LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells.”

Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band’s “Express Yourself”
Sampled in N.W.A.’s “Express Yourself.”

Lyn Collins’ “Think (About It)”
This one contains five different breaks that have all been extensively sampled — but the “Woo!  Yeah!” break is perhaps the most famous break of all time.
Sampled in Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s “It Takes Two”; DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “The Girlie Had a Mustache”; N.W.A.’s “Appetite for Destruction”; and Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.”

Lakeside’s “Fantastic Voyage”
Sampled in Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage.”

Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise”
Don’t be hating because I included two Coolio samples.  He tended to be very faithful to the original piece he sampled, which makes listening to the originals a more familiar — and strange — experience than most other samples.
Sampled in Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” and Mary J. Blige’s “Time.”

Edwin Birdsong’s “Coke Bottle Baby”
Here’s where sampling gets weird.  We all knew Kanye sampled Daft Punk, but…
Sampled in Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

Hossam Ramzy’s “Khusara Khusara”
Sampled in Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’.”

The Clash’s “Straight to Hell”
Sampled in M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.”

The Moments’ “Love on a Two Way Street”
Sampled in Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.”

The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”
This is the version from 2006’s “Love,” which turned mashups — sampling for only sampling’s sake — into a formal art.  Dig the “Hey Jude” samples at the beginning.  Oh, and the first usage of sampling on a pop record was on 1966’s “Yellow Submarine.”  “The band [that] begins to play” was lifted from a brass band record, spliced up and rearranged, and history was made.


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