Political Rallies

Hello folks. The blog is on a temporary hold as I make my way down to our nation’s capital for the Stewart/Colbert “Rally for Sanity/March To Keep Fear Alive.”  What does this mean for you, outside of being suuuuper jeal (am i rite)?

Well, this weekend you’ll have no mix to play, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum and there won’t be a post other than this one today. But, I’m down my li’l Kodiak mini-hd recorder and will take diligent notes on the rally with the aim of bringing you a bastardized internet-infused Gonzo journalism take on the event with funny videos in toe.

So have a great weekend and come back Monday for a whole lotta stuff from the Rally (I hope). Like always, if you enjoy the blog, please tell your friends (or like-minded enemies) about its existence.  The more people involved, the more comments, the more we can all discuss various stuff. And isn’t that the goal?  Well, outside of trying to leverage this towards a paying writing gig….

See you cats (metaphorically) on Monday.


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