CNN…at least for half a day

A week or two ago, I was listening to the On The DL Podcast, a show that talks about sports, the media’s involvement in sports, and the media in general, and the show’s host, Dan Levy, was discussing a recent trip to jury duty.  The poor bastard forgot his headphones, so he was forced to watch an ungodly amount of CNN as he sat and waited to say he was a racist and wanted no part of that case (isn’t that what we’re all conditioned to regardless of what the case is about?).  When he went on his show the next day, Dan implored that someone should take 24 hours and watch just how truly awful CNN is.  Well, I’m not that man.  I’m going to be the guy who puts in 12 hours.

This coming Wednesday, November 10th, I’m going to sit on my couch and watch CNN from 11 AM until 11 PM at night.  It’s 11-11 because I don’t want to miss Anderson Cooper’s show that apparently encompasses a full 360 degrees of hyperbole.  This effort was really kicked in by my trip to the Colbert/Stewart rally and what I took out of it.  Considering how much smack I talked about the state of 24 hour cable news, I figure it’s best if I actually take the time to throw my eyes at it for a long period of time.  God help me.

The format in which I’m going to report on the reporting…s is still a bit flexible.  There are two giant white erase boards at my disposal, which I might use, if only to feel like I’m one of the gang on the tee-vee.  Dan has already sent me some ideas from his A Clockwork Orange-esque mini-marathon (including my favorite question:  how many times are the same correspondents put on TV since the segments are never taped and re-ran?) and I’ll have some of my own ideas.  I will say this:  there will be a lot of numbers and data.

So far, the plan is to run a live-blog of the day’s events, if only to tackle some of the more ridiculous, short-term type stuff (“oh my god I think Roland Martin’s head might explode” *insert picture taken off of TV with my iPhone*).  I can even try to get some video of the events and throw it up on YouTube or TwitVid or something.  It’s going to be a very fluid, flexible situation.  You might even get some pictures of my state every hour on the hour to try and understand the taxing nature of this situation on myself (and how many wrinkles I’m on my way to solidifying).  Who knows!  Maybe I won’t even make it out alive.

I’ll definitely have some sort of substantial wrap-up post on Thursday, so you can look forward to that.  Otherwise, I’m going to fly by the seat of my pants as CNN turns my brain to mush.  God I can’t wait to see how many times they call a story “BREAKING NEWS” over a 12-hour time span.  So join me if you can, pity me if you must, and let other people know of the noble sacrifice I’m making for the greater good of humanity.  God help us all.


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