I’m not one for hyperbole.  Rarely does the hype ever match the importance of the issue at hand, and that gap gets wider every day.  However, there are always exceptions, and the news from yesterday certainly hits that mark.  NASA was hangin’ around a lake in California and, ho-hum, found an entirely new species of life unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before.  No big deal or anything.  GFAJ-1 is an arsenic-based lifeform, which should strike you as odd, former high school science students, since such a thing doesn’t exist in our plain of existence.  I’m not going to sit here and act like I really know what’s going on, so go seewhat smart people have to say about it at Gizmodo or Science mag or those NASA folks.

Considering that the very range for what we consider life has been completely altered from this point forward, one would assume that it would be the biggest story imaginable.  IT’S CHANGED THE WAY WE HAVE VIEWED LIFE FOREVER!!!  Buuut not as big as LeBron in Cleveland.  Or Qatar getting the World Cup in 2022.  Or being stuck in snow for a day.  But y’know, it’s easily the 7th most important thing…below everything else….

Now whether or not it’s more newsworthy than Britney Spears tweets?  That’s debatable.


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