Programming Changes

I come to you folks at a crossroads.  No, no, that sounds dire.  Rather, we’ve come to an end of the preliminary round of “I’ll Never Get Tired Of….”  It’s been four months and seventy-five posts since this introductory post, which seems like an ideal time to re-evaluate this space.  The original theory was that I would write every day in an effort to share with you–my dear, loving audience–some of the long-lasting loves of my life.  That has taken the form of movies, trailers, albums, viral videos, how truly shitty Ke$ha is (parts 1 and 2), and the bizarre things one finds at their Grandma’s house.  And it’s been all well and good, I guess.  But the time has come to…focus.

While I am a voracious consumer of books, news, music, and other social commentary, that does not necessarily mean that I have the talents to write about those subjects nor the experience to really pull it off.  I’d love to write about how My Dark Beautiful Twisted Nightmare is the summation of Kanye’s incredible career, or to explain how great Titus Andronicus’ The Monitor is, or try to wrap my head around how anyone could see universal health care as a bad thing, but I just don’t have the depth of knowledge of experience in these fields to do a piece justice.  There are literally thousands of blogs that are more adept at such a piece; why should I try and compete?

Looking back on my small body of work, I noticed a trend pop up.  The posts I’m really proud of (on The Social Network, The Darjeeling Limited, the relationship between Don and Peggy, my pieces on the Rally for Sanity and its importance, and how silly it is to mix internet memes and serious topics, watching 12 hours of CNN then analyzing it) mostly fall between TV, film, and, if applicable, how they affect society at large.  The ones I’m not so proud of (Fushigi!, Inconsiderate Cellphone Man, new life, nearly all my sportsrelated posts, just posting the brilliantly absurd “Potato Chip” sketch) came off like I was fulfilling a writing assignment.  If my heart’s not in it, why bother putting it up for public consumption?  Why should I settle for “meh?”  Just because I said I’d post every day?  Ridiculous.

So from this point forward, consider this space streamlined, suckas.  I will primarily focus on TV and movies because that’s what excites me the most and that’s probably where I do my best work.  (Shocking how I came to this decision; it’s like I’m Cliff Lee, baffling everyone with my extreme choices.)  The goal is to write once or twice a week about a TV episode, a series, a film, a series of films, so on and so forth that have something that I really, really enjoy.  Essentially, I’m just going to say what I like about moving pictures.  Because it’s my own blog, I could be a bit lenient and throw something in if I really need to go after it (the Rally for Sanity is a perfect example) but will try and stay focused for as long as possible.

Now don’t think that I’ve just given up on all other mediums and topics all together.  I’ve been kicking around the idea of a long-form interview-type podcast, maybe do one a week or every so often talking to friends of mine who do really interesting stuff.  This way, I could talk to them about web 2.0 or their view of the iPad in publishing while learning all the while (and not saying shit I don’t know what I’m really talking about).  I’m a huge fan of shows like Ron Bennington Interviews and Charlie Rose and would love to contribute to the medium.  So there’s that.

Finally, later this week, there will be another announcement which will act as a kick-off celebration to this blog’s changing of the guard.  And holy hell, it just might kill me.  You thought watching 12 hours of CNN was nuts….


One thought on “Programming Changes

  1. This is awesome! and also: let’s do that interview soon. Thursday evening, maybe, or Friday morning? Next Monday? The rest of my days are a little nuts. Exciting to the power of exciting.

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