Announcing 25 Moves in 25 Days

Ho ho ho.  To show just how serious I am about this whole “only TV and Movies thing” (outside of memoir-esque essays and podcasts, natch), I’m going to dedicate the next five weeks of programming to a new movie essay every day.  Just so we’re all on the same page, there won’t be any “new” movies; everything will be available on DVD or Blu-Ray and, if you’re lucky!, streaming somewhere on the internets.  Monday through Thursday will be pretty basic, well-known fare.  Friday will delve a bit deeper into my film school vault to hopefully expose you guys to some stuff you’ve never seen before.  Don’t worry, it’ll be more Seven Samurai than Kanal (which is really fucking excellent).

So come on by Monday for the first film in the series.  Should be good.

(Don’t take that as a guarantee)

The banners for the project have been lovingly donated by my pal Matt Lubchansky. Read his great web comic The Adam! and follow him on twitter.


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