I’d do ’bout anything to get the hell out alive: Rivers Cuomo and Dancing with Who Brought You

Ed. Note:  Remember that whole “I’m only going to write about movies and TV” thing?  Well, that embargo doesn’t account for my friends.  Here is Puck Daddy and The Two-Line Pass‘s own Ryan Lambert’s review of Weezer’s concert in Boston last night, and his thoughts of the Memories tour in whole:

They played the songs in a detached-but-slavishly-faithful sort of way, with one exception. In the middle of the second set’s eighth song, “In the Garage.” In it, Weezer frontman/mastermind/arguable-band-ruiner Rivers Cuomo made one slight shift in inflection, putting a little extra oomph behind the word “stupid.” As in, “I sing these stupid songs.”

And that’s really all you need to know about Weezer’s Memories tour.

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The Thermals – Now We Can See

The Thermals, a Portland, Oregon-based rock three piece, exploded onto the indie rock scene in 2006.  Their album, “The Body, The Blood, The Machine” took Pitchfork and its denizens by storm, which isn’t much of a shower.  It;s a lo-fi, straight-ahead rocker that is catchy (but not too catchy) and stands as a missive to the George W. Bush White House and its startling predilection to mix religion and government.  They take this battle righteously, the music churning along as if they’re on a mission from God to set the record straight.  Their latest album, Personal Life, takes a step back from such big-picture themes and turns towards introspection, losing some ferocity in the trade-off.  It’s an odd conceit as they already accomplished melding a personal story with a rollicking sound on their fantastic 2009 album, Now We Can See.

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Freeing Weezy…I Guess

I can finally sleep soundly.  Li’l Wayne has FINALLY been released from Rikers.  And it’s not a day too soon!  Someone this clearly innocent shouldn’t have to spend a day in jail.  I mean, have you even HEARD Tha Carter III, greater courts of the state of New York?  Clearly you haven’t.  The only thing this man is guilty of is having a silky-smooth flow and some odd, distorted voice thing in studio.  And drinking syrup.  And getting caught with a gun and some coke and some ecstasy. Continue reading “Freeing Weezy…I Guess”

Mixtape Weekend, curated by Erik

This weekend’s mix comes from my pal Erik, an all around music guy.  He is an active musician, actively creating songs for FAWM each year, as well as tons of stuff I have no idea how to access.  A graduate from NYU he is a certified studio engineer, traveling across America to record various artists.  With help from his brother, he was listening to Doolittle and Primus before I ever bought my first two cds (The Lion King soundtrack and Salt N’ Pepa – Very Necessary) so he kinda knows his shit.

His mix, entitled “The Act You’ve Known for All These Years,” is a little bit of a musical education as well as a sneak peek into the dark, twisted art of music sampling.  This hour-long .mp3 is a collection of the original songs that were sampled to make contemporary hits.  You can download it by clicking this link.  A complete track list and synopsis of who took what is after the jump.

And remember – this only achieves total heaviosity if y’all get involved, too.  It’s a one hour long .mp3 with a common theme (“Songs that remind me of Thursday” “Down” “Wet” “The Best Before Weezer Sucked Ass”).  You can use Garage Band, the free Audacity, anything you like.  Make the file, upload it to mediafire, and email it to me (kingmanton at gmail) with a track listing and maybe yooouuu could have a featured mix some weekend. Come share your awesome musical taste with a relatively decent-sized audience! Continue reading “Mixtape Weekend, curated by Erik”

My Friend Erik’s Musical Taste

In the long, long ago–back before this blog had a gimmick, if one can imagine–I succumbed to itemizing the best music over the last decade.  Because all the cool kids all do it it’s always fun to find out what ten songs hit people the most over the previous decade; “the best” is impossible.  And in doing so, you figure out if you’ve missed something vitally important along the way.  Yeah, for a publication like Rolling Stone it’s some sort of coronation but when you have friends with similar tastes, it’s essentially a gimmick that leads you to good music in the end.  Either songs of haven’t before or haven’t heard in a while, it’ll affect you in some way.  Or to turn your nose up to them from that point forward.  Y’know, whatever.

You can find the lists here.  But one list that was never posted came from my friend Erik, who is contributing to tomorrow’s edition of Mixtape Weekend.  No big deal…if it wasn’t probably the best written of the group.  You, dear readers, who have no one to blame but myself.  I got lazy and kept pushing it off until it was February, and then kind of besides the point.  But now, in the interest of sharing music (and in October), here is his list.  It rules.  Tune in for his equally-awesome mixtape tomorrow.  Without further ado, here’s my pal Erik’s Top Ten of the Decade: Continue reading “My Friend Erik’s Musical Taste”

Mixtape Weekend, curated by me

And the letter B!

All songs in this hour-long mix has the letter “b” as the first letter in the artist’s name, the title of the song, or is a cut from an album that starts with the letter “b.”  Yes, I know, rocket science.  But I did throw in some other rules.  Any artists’ name is just the last letter, so there goes Bob Dylan, and no “The” before a B.  It’s a B to kick it off or nothing, folks.  I also unabashedly threw in some hits, so it should be a fun–if a bit sonically chaotic–experience.  You can listen to it here, if you’re so inclined.

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The Muppets Going “Bohemian”

I’m fairly certain I’m completely out of the loop.  Apparently this great video from the Henson Company came out last year and I never saw or heard of it (despite the 16 million other views it received).  Saw it for the first time this week and thought hey, maybe the rest of you missed this banner event as well.  So watch many Muppets singing Bohemian Rhapsody, in a way only they could.  For the record, Animal’s part is by far my favorite.

Ok all, thanks for a great week.  Hope this video will wash away the multiple posts on That Guy and That Piece Of His Anatomy.  Come back this weekend for a mixtape that I’ve spent HOURS slaving over JUST FA’ YOU!  Now I’ll get back to anxiously awaiting for my Criterion Collection The Darjeeling Limited Blu-Ray to come in the mail.  Expect a gigundo piece on that brilliant film sometime next week, methinks.  Other than that, be well folks, and see you Monday with a fresh post.