Here We Go Again


Okay, sorry. I’m back.

It’s been a while. How have the last six years been? Fruitful, I hope. It has been less so for me.

One of my loves is writing about stuff that I love, or challenges me, or that I love and challenges me. It was part of my life and it slowly faded away. It has not been as much fun without it.

So, I’m going to shamelessly rip off the great Matt Zoller Seitz and his 30 Minutes On: series from his MZS blog on the truly excellent (Here is a sample on The Thing [1982].)T his blatant theft should accomplish two things: got my lazy butt back into the mode of critical thinking and take away any excuse to stop me from writing. C’mon, it’s just 30 minutes!

I just whipped the site up in about ten minutes. The font is butt. The sizing is weird. But whatever. All excuses. I’m about to watch Fences with my betrothed. I’ll let you know something about it I liked in about three hours.

Further kudos to writer and editor Danielle Villano whose head-first dive into the books she has not yet read helped to kickstart this project. I too have a jar filled with movies I need to watch. They get arty! Be warned.


The New Normal

Hey folks. Remember that time about eight months ago when I said how much I love changing blog themes? Well, here I go again….

I used to feature all my writing only in this here spot, but that will no longer be the case. In the last few months, I’ve turned into a film critic/columnist at and will soon bring my “I’ll Never Get Tired Of…” column style over there.

On top of that, I’m excited to announce that I will also be starting and’ for lack of a better term, be the editor-in-vhief at a new writing-based web magazine called The Inclusive, which will be found at As of now we are collecting a number of great writers for our staff and will always be on the lookout for guest contributors. The site’s nomenclature is also its mission statement: it’s a site for us, all of us, to write for. I’m terribly excited for it to begin. High, high hopes for that one.

So what, then, comes of this space?

The Inclusive will get at least two columns from me (if not more) so this space will be a catch-all for anything I write. Sometimes it will feature a link to let you know of a new review posted on The Film Stage or a new humor column on The Inclusive, but it can also be a place for writing that doesn’t fit in either box. If I rant about Charlie Sheen, for example, it might not be able to fit in The Inclusive’s box schedule, so it’ll go here. Or I have a funny li’l three paragrpah story, this will be its home.

Exciting things are happening, folks. Keep up with all my doings here, at ooooolllll’

Or keep gawking at photos of Brooke Baldwin. Whatever floats your boat.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men….

There are few things worse than failure, but here we are.  I said I’d do 25 movies in 25 straight days, but the weather, professional commitments and personal issues will prevent me from doing any this coming week.  So there goes the whole “in consecutive days” thing.  I will fill up all of January with reviews, however, as some sort of way to make face.  I doubt anyone will be too offended by this, except, of course, myself.

To 2011 we go.

Announcing 25 Moves in 25 Days

Ho ho ho.  To show just how serious I am about this whole “only TV and Movies thing” (outside of memoir-esque essays and podcasts, natch), I’m going to dedicate the next five weeks of programming to a new movie essay every day.  Just so we’re all on the same page, there won’t be any “new” movies; everything will be available on DVD or Blu-Ray and, if you’re lucky!, streaming somewhere on the internets.  Monday through Thursday will be pretty basic, well-known fare.  Friday will delve a bit deeper into my film school vault to hopefully expose you guys to some stuff you’ve never seen before.  Don’t worry, it’ll be more Seven Samurai than Kanal (which is really fucking excellent).

So come on by Monday for the first film in the series.  Should be good.

(Don’t take that as a guarantee)

The banners for the project have been lovingly donated by my pal Matt Lubchansky. Read his great web comic The Adam! and follow him on twitter.

Programming Changes

I come to you folks at a crossroads.  No, no, that sounds dire.  Rather, we’ve come to an end of the preliminary round of “I’ll Never Get Tired Of….”  It’s been four months and seventy-five posts since this introductory post, which seems like an ideal time to re-evaluate this space.  The original theory was that I would write every day in an effort to share with you–my dear, loving audience–some of the long-lasting loves of my life.  That has taken the form of movies, trailers, albums, viral videos, how truly shitty Ke$ha is (parts 1 and 2), and the bizarre things one finds at their Grandma’s house.  And it’s been all well and good, I guess.  But the time has come to…focus.

Continue reading “Programming Changes”

CNN…at least for half a day

A week or two ago, I was listening to the On The DL Podcast, a show that talks about sports, the media’s involvement in sports, and the media in general, and the show’s host, Dan Levy, was discussing a recent trip to jury duty.  The poor bastard forgot his headphones, so he was forced to watch an ungodly amount of CNN as he sat and waited to say he was a racist and wanted no part of that case (isn’t that what we’re all conditioned to regardless of what the case is about?).  When he went on his show the next day, Dan implored that someone should take 24 hours and watch just how truly awful CNN is.  Well, I’m not that man.  I’m going to be the guy who puts in 12 hours. Continue reading “CNN…at least for half a day”

Political Rallies

Hello folks. The blog is on a temporary hold as I make my way down to our nation’s capital for the Stewart/Colbert “Rally for Sanity/March To Keep Fear Alive.”  What does this mean for you, outside of being suuuuper jeal (am i rite)?

Well, this weekend you’ll have no mix to play, pa-rum-pa-pum-pum and there won’t be a post other than this one today. But, I’m down my li’l Kodiak mini-hd recorder and will take diligent notes on the rally with the aim of bringing you a bastardized internet-infused Gonzo journalism take on the event with funny videos in toe.

So have a great weekend and come back Monday for a whole lotta stuff from the Rally (I hope). Like always, if you enjoy the blog, please tell your friends (or like-minded enemies) about its existence.  The more people involved, the more comments, the more we can all discuss various stuff. And isn’t that the goal?  Well, outside of trying to leverage this towards a paying writing gig….

See you cats (metaphorically) on Monday.